• Showroom1
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Cotswold Wine Room

    A Smith & Taylor wine store in
    American oak, combining traditional
    cellarage for two thousand eight
    hundred bottles, with strategically
    placed bottle display towers.
    Whether part of a designer home, a
    reflection of a bon viveur collector, or
    simply designed around an exclusive
    wine collection, each room stamps
    its own personality and value to its

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    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Manor House
    ‘Wet Cellar’ Oxfordshire

    Smith & Taylor restored and lit the active
    stream in this manor house cellar. There is
    a long history of cellars with active streams
    where the watercourse helps both
    ventilation and humidity. The low ceiling
    height encouraged us to design the wine
    storage on metal hoops within blue framed
    painted boxes, defined by eighteen
    bevelled solid oak pillars which increased
    the visual height of the room and created
    a theatre of floating bottles. The oak
    tasting table was also designed and made
    by Smith & &Taylor.

  • Showroom3
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Secret Cellar

    Sometimes, a cellar needs to be hidden.
    Accessed through a panelled kitchen
    wall, down an oak staircase, in a
    Chelsea town house, this converted
    coal store is a hidden treasure.
    An oak ladder for bottle picking rests
    against the joinery (with another ladder
    example shown left).

  • Showroom4
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Fine Wine Library

    This Smith & Taylor wine room was
    driven by the wooden case rather than
    the bottle, with a wall of original wooden
    Bordeaux cases, floor to ceiling, on oak
    runners and fixed shelves. The case ends
    give a dramatic backdrop to this library
    of fine wine.

  • Showroom5
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Fine Wine Gallery

    Spectacular collections require specialist
    exhibiting, as in this private wine
    museum created by Smith & Taylor.
    Sixty-eight different vintages of Chateau
    Mouton Rothschild are displayed under
    Amiran glass in a walnut cabinet.

  • Showroom6

    Smith & Taylor’s Traditional
    Town House Cellar

    Modern limestone columns and Cornish
    slate shelves provide a contemporary
    touch to this period London cellar.

  • Showroom7

    Smith & Taylor’s Fine Wine
    Corridor in oak

    A bottle alley can be a very good use
    of space as in this fine wine area made
    in oak.
    The best corridors have the bottles all
    at an angle, directing you through the

  • Showroom8
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Fine Wine Corridor
    in Glass

    A wall of wine in low-iron glass bins,
    through which the Smith & Taylor wine
    room and its contents can be dramatically
    viewed, shows the place our glass solutions
    can play in both storing and displaying

  • Showroom9
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Imbiber’s Wine Room

    Collectors enjoy sharing their love of
    wine with the like-minded. The creation
    of a work station with walnut worktop
    within your own wine room, round which
    the imbibers can gather, can be no finer
    place to start an evening’s wine revelling.

  • Showroom10
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Fine Wine Cabinet

    Fine wine storage has come from a place
    out of sight to a design feature within the
    heart of the home. There is no finer
    example than this Smith & Taylor
    temperature-controlled cherry wood wine
    cabinet with curved, beaded doors.

  • Showroom11
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Fine Wine
    Cabinet Room
    Virginia Water

    Two of four self-contained wine cabinets
    in sycamore, with arched glass doors,
    within a Wentworth mansion wine room.
    With a gym, two swimming pools an art
    gallery and a hunting room in this
    residence, the wine room has become an
    essential part of the luxury home.

  • Showroom12
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Two Wall Wine Room

    The transformation of two walls to wine
    in a small space can be spectacular, as
    vividly shown in the perspective of this
    image. The wine storage offers individual
    crafted locations, triangular bins and
    display for large format bottles.

  • Showroom13
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Dom Perignon
    Wine Room

    Bottle shapes, capsules and labels are
    works of art that deserve to be flaunted.
    The corner towers of Dom Perignon
    Champagne bottles, suspended on
    polished stainless steel cradles, framed by
    their coffrets (gift boxes) offer a defining
    feature to this beautiful Smith & Taylor
    cellar in Wimbledon.

  • Showroom14
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Curve-Fronted Cellar

    One of three underground curve-
    fronted wine cabinets in a
    Knightsbridge arched cellar, reached
    by steps from the pantry.
    The design and construction of this
    cellar required craftsmanship of the
    highest level, as illustrated by this
    glimpse into the workshop.

  • Showroom15
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Stone Cellar

    A wine store of individual crafted bottle
    locations in birch, maple and pine, set
    within blocks of cut Spanish stone.

  • Showroom16
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s ‘Super Lit’ Wine Room

    The days of dark, damp cellars are over.
    The wine room has emerged from the
    shadows to become an integral and
    worthy space within an interior designed
    home. Smith & Taylor’s lighting schemes
    for wine rooms put the wine centre stage,
    as revealed in this Kensington mansion.

  • Showroom17
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Walk-In Wine Cabinet

    A wine store in birch and maple, behind
    glazed oak doors, off a passageway in a
    country house in Northamptonshire.

  • Showroom18
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Kitchen Wine Cabinet
    Holland Park

    The kitchen wine cabinet brought new
    challenges of maximising storage space
    and maintaining a perfect temperature in
    a busy room. This two-bottle-deep secure
    wine cabinet by Smith & Taylor, in
    Holland Park, stores seven hundred and
    ninety eight bottles and eight magnums.

  • Showroom19
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Online Wine Room

    Valued and varied wine collections need
    good record keeping. Smith & Taylor’s
    integration of an electronic sommelier
    within a wine room empowers the
    collector to trace, value and appraise their
    wine at any moment in time as illustrated
    in this Clapham wine cupboard.

  • Showroom20
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Fine Wine Dining Room

    There are few finer pleasures than dining
    with friends amidst your own wine
    collection. Smith & Taylor combines the
    warmth of a dinner party and the richness
    of wine, with craftsmanship and artistry.
    The wine dining room in this image
    offers a perfect backdrop to a dinner party.
    This intimate room in a Belgravia
    apartment cellars 1,200 ‘floating’ bottles
    on metal hoops on three walls of mirrors
    encased in black ebonised mahogany.
    Eight individually lit large format bottles,
    from Magnum to Melchior, are suspended
    in columns on each side.

  • Showroom21
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Baronial Cellar
    South Ayrshire

    An original brick bin cellar in a Scottish
    baronial home enabled Smith & Taylor to
    maintain the essential character of the
    cellar by making bespoke wine racking to
    fit within each bin.

  • Showroom22
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Club Fine Wine
    Dining Room
    Berkeley Square

    Imposing banks of wine storage behind a
    low-iron glass screen and a wall of wine
    concealed behind leather-finished doors
    runs the length of this Mayfair dining
    room. It also incorporates a discreetly-lit
    cabinet for Impériale, Methusaleh and
    Jéroboam bottles. This extraordinary mix
    of wine on display brings substance and
    atmosphere to this long, colourful
    Berkeley Square dining room.

  • Showroom23
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Urban Cellar

    A long narrow space in town can yield up
    plenty of room for wine storage. In this
    basement cellar, the corrugated metal
    effect in the background, with parked bicycle,
    gives a truly urban feel to this space.

  • Showroom24
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Large Format Wine Room

    Every wine room has its key
    characteristics. In this oak wine room in
    Belgravia, the client’s desire to display a
    wall of seventy large format bottles and
    clad a large peninsular unit in the same,
    made this room truly extravagant.

  • Showroom28
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Porthole View Belgravia

    Who says you cannot keep an eye on your wine room from above? This neatly inlaid porthole in a hall floor offers the wine collector a bird's eye view of his Smith & Taylor cellar at his feet.

  • Showroom25
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Cave du Jour
    Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons

    A Michelin-starred restaurant needs to
    store, handle and serve great wine to the
    highest standards. Smith & Taylor’s
    custom-made and fitted Caves du Jour
    have ensured the very best despatch of
    fine wine, from restaurant cellar to table,
    in some of England’s finest dining
    establishments, including: The Square
    Restaurant, Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons,
    Morton’s Club, Casa di Stefano and
    Spencer House.

  • Showroom27
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s Restaurant Wine Room
    Casa di Stefano, Mayfair

    Sometimes Smith & Taylor has to
    create a wine room within a
    restaurant to enhance a dream. This
    relaxed-style cellar within a restaurant,
    presenting and cellaring fine wine for
    authentic Italian food in a warm and
    inviting atmosphere, hits the spot.
    Designed in pine, with antique-
    finished steel to support and display
    bottles, with bottle drawers clad in
    authentic Italian case ends, sealed
    the deal.

  • Showroom26
    Smith & Taylor Online Showroom

    Smith & Taylor’s ‘Pop-Up’
    UK Wine Events

    For top wine houses showcasing their
    wines at boutique private wine events,
    Smith & Taylor hires out a pop-up wine
    cabinet that reflects our craftsmanship
    and product quality.