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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Our attention to detail shows in your
    wine room’s special features

    Smith & Taylor’s wine rooms are a display
    of order, workmanship and presentation,
    harnessing technology to light, climate control
    and secure wine rooms. The crafting of
    corners and worktops, the anchoring of
    large bottles, the inlaying of location labels,
    and many more features, all serve to
    illustrate the way in which an exhibition
    cellar can work as a practical store as well
    as projecting a unique personality.

    The special characteristics of our wine
    rooms are displayed in this slideshow
    which provides a glimpse of our adaptable
    schemes and our expertise.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Cellaring individuals

    A crafted location is created to the size
    of a standard Bordeaux, Burgundy or
    Champagne bottle – or to any shape or
    size requested.

    Each bottle is supported by solid timber
    runners, rounded or bevelled according
    to a client’s preference.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Angled bottles

    To reinforce the identity of a column of
    bottles, Smith & Taylor will design, at
    worktop level, a row of gently angled
    bottles which will exhibit the label yet
    keep the wine in contact with the cork.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Triangular Bins

    The wine bin offers a less restrictive space
    for storing everyday drinking wines
    without the limitations of bottle sizes or

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Original wooden Bordeaux cases on
    runner shelves

    For unopened cases, the runner shelf
    offers a perfect platform for your
    heavyweight stock. Shelves are made to
    take standard twelve-bottle wooden
    Bordeaux cases or pairs of six-bottle cube
    and six-bottle flat pack original wooden
    boxes. Specialist case sizes of any type, such
    as Bordeaux Magnums, can also be
    accommodated by bespoke design.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Embellishing the runner shelf

    Runner shelves can be enhanced with
    ornate metal work and integrated lighting.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    The fine wine table top

    A circular fan of bottles recessed into
    your wine room work top can grandstand
    your most valued wines.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Display bottle columns

    The introduction of dramatic columns of
    large format ‘floating’ bottles, devised by
    Smith & Taylor, enhances this wall of
    conventional wine storage

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    Your Wine Room at Home


    Behind closed doors, Smith & Taylor’s
    wine haven can become a cigar smoker’s
    heaven. Our cedar lined humidor is
    designed to keep cigars at the right
    humidity and temperature.

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    Your Wine Room at Home


    Smith & Taylor restored and lit this
    running stream below a cellar floor,
    achieving ventilation, perfect humidity
    and theatre, all in one.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Cupboard space within your wine room

    Joinery within a wine room need not
    purely be for wine. These beautiful Smith
    & Taylor cupboards sit proudly with the wine
    amidst them.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Wine and massage room

    What a massage! These ‘floating’ bottles of
    Dom Perignon were designed to fit into
    an enclosed, lit, dividing wall between our
    client’s spa and his Smith & Taylor wine

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Oak bottles

    Quirks of design can be perfectly matched
    by Smith & Taylor’s creativity. This
    awkward-to-access space within a wine
    room was resolved by making replica
    claret bottles in oak to fill the gap and
    maintain visual continuity.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Toys for the boys

    Fine wine and game have a long
    tradition. This Smith & Taylor gun cabinet was
    made for a pair of Boss shotguns, securely
    incorporated within a gun safe in a wine

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    Your Wine Room at Home


    Cut stone within a wine room can
    enhance the joinery finish.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Environmental ceiling control

    The industrial nature of conditioning
    equipment within a wine room ceiling
    can be effectively concealed with Smith &
    Taylor’s joinery and metalwork solutions.

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    Your Wine Room at Home


    Smith & Taylor designs safe lighting
    solutions for displaying wine including
    ground level uplighting, perimeter and
    edge lighting, hand motion-detecting
    lights for label reading, and softly coloured
    linear lights.By integrating the lighting
    into our cabinets, we can ensure that the
    light is seen, but not necessarily its source.

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    Your Wine Room at Home


    Glazing can be used to both define a wine
    room and to offer storage within.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Conditioning details

    Our detailed design schemes incorporate
    and generally conceal the temperature and
    humidity controls within our joinery.
    Smith & Taylor’s use of bespoke woven
    mesh on arched cabinets, or handmade
    wooden louvres and frames, softens the
    uglier aspects of conditioning equipment.

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    Your Wine Room at Home


    Metal can be as versatile as wood in finish
    and treatment. It is ideal for supporting
    large format bottles – stainless steel rods
    can give strength and height to a wine

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    Your Wine Room at Home


    A generous run of solid wooden
    worktop can help define the lines and
    substance of a Smith & Taylor wine room
    as well as giving ample space for bottle

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Work Station

    For larger wine rooms, a central work
    station provides a gathering point for
    stock and for guests.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Corner finish

    The scribing of one wine storage element
    to another is no finer illustrated than in
    our corner finishes.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Display cradles

    A solid body of bottles on display can
    look superb within the context of
    beautiful Smith & Taylor joinery.

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    Your Wine Room at Home

    Slanting bottles

    The slanting bottle design by Smith &
    Taylor gives direction and character
    en-masse to this passageway devoted to