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    Your cellar in our cellars

    Each private wine deposit is defined
    and contained within a cellar box

    Lovers of wine need a reliable, extended
    cellar for their treasured bottles when
    the constraints of suitable space, moving
    home, busines travel or postings abroad
    demand it.
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    Your cellar in our cellars

    Record keeping is fundamental
    to our business

    Smith & Taylor stands apart in
    providing an inventory service with
    care, efficiency and an eye for detail,
    giving clients confidence and their
    wine provenance.
    Cellar portfolios show unparalleled
    detail for each bottle stored at Smith
    & Taylor including source, levels, label
    and packaging condition, values,
    and Master of Wine commentary.

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    Your cellar in our cellars

    Generation Game

    A gift of fine wine can be a beacon of
    expression from one generation to the
    next and we provide a nursery cellar
    scheme for parents, grandparents and
    godparents to lay down wine for their
    children’s future. Cases of wine can be
    held in trust with Smith & Taylor until
    a young beneficiary comes of age.

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    Your cellar in our cellars

    Identity and Security

    Following case inspection on arrival at
    our cellars, each case is clearly labelled,
    stating ownership, date of receipt, reference
    number into store, stock number and a
    legal statement reinforcing Smith &
    Taylor’s role as custodian and the owner’s
    legal title.

    In many instances, the division between
    valuable bottles of wine and the outside
    world are just six nails in a wooden lid.
    For clients seeking added protection for
    their wine, we can security strap cases
    for an additional fee.

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    Your cellar in our cellars

    Wine Delivery and Collection

    Smith & Taylor will pick, pack, move,
    deliver, receive and hand out reserves,
    from a single bottle to an entire
    collection, to and from our temperature-
    controlled cellars. When moving wine
    from your home or our cellars, each
    case and bottle are professionally
    packed for storage delivery or export.
    We will even deliver your wine straight
    into the hands of your restaurant
    sommelier. Smith & Taylor has long-
    standing relationships with London’s
    finest restaurants which allow our
    clients to deliver their bottles direct to
    the table for a fixed corkage fee
    For details of participating restaurants,
    and further information, email us at

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    Your cellar in our cellars

    Gift Bottles Picked and Packed

    Gifts of Champagne and rare bottles, for
    both private and corporate clients, can
    be wrapped, packed and despatched from
    your cellar at Smith & Taylor to any
    destination worldwide.

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    Your cellar in our cellars

    Checking Levels

    A fine wine’s storage history can often
    be determined by the measurement
    between the level of wine and the cork.
    On older wines, Smith & Taylor records
    this level upon arrival at our cellar door.