Established in 1986, Smith & Taylor
was the first independent private UK
company specialising in the storage
and management of wine.

Smith & Taylor’s customers range
from individual private clients through
to top Michelin-starred restaurants
and international wine importers.
Whether clients wish to store 10,000
bottles or a single case, Smith & Taylor
provides a personal service with
unparalleled expertise and attention
to detail.

Smith & Taylor’s services include:
• Duty Paid and Bonded cellarage
• Design and build for custom-made
cellars and bespoke wine rooms
• Professional and expert removals,
shipping and handling of wine
• Fine wine appraisals and valuations
• Cellar portfolio management

Smith & Taylor can also act as a reliable
intermediary between clients and
their sources of purchase and sale of
fine wines. Our impartial advice and
information guarantees that our
clients buy and sell wine wisely.



Our company stands apart by
providing an expert personal wine
storage service with care, courtesy
and an eye for detail, giving clients
confidence and their wine

Our sole business is protecting our
clients’ wine holdings and providing
specialist services. There is no conflict
of interest and wine owners will
benefit from a professional link to
their wine and a choice between a
bespoke wine room at home or
secure storage at Smith & Taylor’s
London cellars, where clients can
store their wine in bond or duty paid,
at one location, in one portfolio,
with one caring custodian.